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Information in English

REFA has 14 recycling centers spread across Lolland-Falster which means we are always close to you when you need to dispose your recyclable waste.

Everything except household waste

You can dispose of all recyclable materials at our recycling centers except household waste. If you are unsure how to sort your waste, feel free to ask one of our environmental guides at the site.

The REFA model

Most of our recycling centers are arranged according to the REFA model, where containers are placed around a large platform. The traffic on the platform is one-way, and you unload your sorted waste directly into the right container. This eliminates inconvenient lifts and impractical container heights.

Clear bags and good guidance

To ensure better sorting, all waste should be without packaging, or in clear bags. Clear bags make it easier for the staff to see how the waste is sorted and whether the waste is accepted at the recycling center. At the same time, it’s easier to provide guidance on which containers the waste should be deposited in.

Asbestos, cement sheets, roofing panels, and insulation MUST always be wrapped

Asbestos, cement sheets, roofing panels, and insulation must always be delivered wrapped in foil or clear bags. There is a high likelihood that these materials contain asbestos. Dust from asbestos is hazardous to health and can cause serious lung and respiratory diseases.

We want to take good care of you and our employees

A visit to the recycling center should be a safe experience for both you and our employees.
Therefore, we recommend:

  • Efficiently drop off your items to minimize waiting times
  • Follow our employees’ instructions.
  • Use the self-service option when buying bags.
  • Pay with MobilePay. We do not accept cash.
  • Use our sorting guide before leaving home.

Find the nearest recycling center and opening hours in the menu on the left.